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Calculate ET to another weather condition ET

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These equations are for recreation only.

This calculator uses the Motorsports Standard Atmosphere (MSA) at sea level. (Not ISA - International Standard Atmosphere)
Use this calculator to find your anticipated ET for Today's conditions.
Input a run for the 1st Run, using that runs weather conditions.
Then input Today's weather conditions.
After clicking the Submit button, you will be given an ET/MPH for what your car will run Today.
(If nothing has been changed on the car since that run)

ET Conversion Calculator
First ET (1/4):
First MPH (1/4):
Track Elevation of 1st Run: (in feet)
Temperature (F) of 1st Run: (in Degrees)
Absolute Barometric Pressure of 1st Run: (in/Hg)
Relative Humidity (%) of 1st Run:
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Power Type: Naturally Aspirated
Track Elevation of 2nd Run : (in feet)
Temperature (F) of 2nd Run: (in Degrees)
Absolute Barometric Pressure of 2nd Run: (in/Hg)
Relative Humidity (%) of 2nd Run:
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