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Q: How Fast Does the Man Fall?
      If a 180 lb. man drops 1150 feet from a building, how many km per hour
      will he be going when he hits the ground?

     In these physics problems, the weight of the man is unimportant.  The
     problem can be solved without knowing his weight.  The formula used

    2        2
(vf)  =  (v0)   +  2*a*(delta y)


vf is the velocity of the object when it hits the ground
     (or final velocity)
vo is the object's original velocity
a is the acceleration due to gravity
delta y is how far it falls

  2       2
vf  =  (0)  + 2*(32 ft/sec^2)*(1150 ft)

vf  =   73600 ft^2 / sec^2

now take the square root of vf^2 to get vf...

vf = 271.29 ft/sec

   271.29 ft/sec X  .6818182 = 184.97 MPH

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